Back to School!

Back to School!

It’s that time of the year again! Bring on the backpacks, bus rides, packed lunches, and new students! This transition is always full of changes that are new and exciting for all involved. Here at Copycat Prints, we want to help parents, schools, and teachers in our community in any way we can. Let’s talk about some fun ideas that we can help create for you this school year: 

Switch it Up

 Looking for something new for the school or classroom? Switch things up for the students with some customized pieces! An easy way to help teachers (and students) learn names this year could be making some funky name tags with each person’s name on them! After a year of not seeing as many people, this could be a great way to learn some new friend’s names and feel special. 

Let the Classroom Stand Out

Many teachers look to different creative sights for tips and tricks to attempt fun and creative decorations for their classroom! It’s no surprise that the kids love it, because who wouldn’t love all the fun colors and humor put into each of the designs!  Some fun ideas for door signs would be to make them interactive! Have a call to action or question on your sign that asks your students to say how they are feeling before they enter the classroom by touching a space, or to do a silly action before they come back in from recess! This is a unique way to make each student feel like they are heard and that their answers matter, while also giving them a way to know that they are entering a classroom where they are ready to learn! >> Related: Use this link to check out our business and office supplies <<

It’s All About the Students

This school year will be much different than the last, and if anyone needs that return it is the students. Every school, teacher, and parent tries their best to make sure each student can have the best experience possible.  Going into a new school or new grade is so exciting! We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things the students and teachers will learn, create and shine through this school year.  

Teachers get 25% off!

We want to make sure all teachers feel appreciates, supported, and ready to kick off the 2021 school year! Teachers/schools get 25% off from Copycat Prints! No order is too big or too small!  

Prints, and So Much More from Copycat Prints

Do you have a project you want to bring to life?  Contact us via our website, Facebook, or email.  We are here to make memories and spread your message. 

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