BOGO Canvas Prints | Decorating with a Deal

BOGO Canvas Prints | Decorating with a Deal

February is all about love, so we are looking to spread some of our own to our customers by offering a free canvas print with the purchase of another canvas. What to do with two prints? Keep reading for some options on how to make the most out of double the prints! 

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How to Style Canvas Prints 

With a deal like this BOGO canvas print, there are plenty of options to decide from when picking out which photos you are going to order. 

Double the prints and double the love - Valentine’s Day is a great time to gift someone a picture of them with a loved one, or an experience you both had together. Print two of the same pictures and have one for your home and one print for theirs to have matching decor that holds meaning to you both.

Looking to capture more than one moment? Print a side-by-side picture to make the most of the BOGO deal and create a canvas art piece on your wall that adds depth to your decor.

Claim Your BOGO Canvas Print Offer

After you have picked your ideal canvas print pair, head to our e-commerce page to get your prints ordered. 

Use the code: BOGOCANVAS at checkout to claim the offer today! 


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