How to Create the Perfect Holiday Card

With the rush of the holiday season approaching, holiday card’s are another task to cross off your list! Here at Copycat we have designed templates for you! Now it’s time to customize and make them your own to send to friends and family!

It all Starts With a Template

One of the easiest ways to go about designing your holiday cards is to use a pre-made template! We have created and attached templates for you here! While they are some we think you’re sure to love, we can’t wait to see how you will customize them to make them your own! The templates we have created are available on Canva, an extremely user friendly design tool! Through this website you are able to truly make these cards one of a kind (even starting with a template!) 

Picture Perfect

Picked out the perfect pictures? Great! The next step is placing them into the template! Whether you are designing on your phone or computer, Canva makes the process easy. The first step is uploading the pictures you are loving into the website/app! To place them into the image portion of the template, click the picture and hit ‘replace’ or drag your image and hover over the area! From here, you are able to edit your images further! This includes different filters and photo editing options.  

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Adding Festive Flavor!

Now comes the fun part! Canva has a wide variety of options to choose from for holiday additions (and more!) On the section titled ‘Elements’ there is a search bar to look for almost any design element or image! It can be as simple as wanting to add some extra lines or stars, to finding an illustration that might look something like your family pet! It is all up to you! There are also options to change the color, size, and overall look of the font on the template! We are excited about offering these this holiday season, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Come get them printed at Copycat for a free paper upgrade with your order! Happy Holidays! 

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