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Online School Printing Ideas | Des Moines Printers | Copycat Prints

Classroom Necessities to Start Your Online or Hybrid New Year Strong

This year, Iowa schools are definitely not going to look like school years have in the past. With many schools taking a hybrid approach to learning, you now will be having your child at home more. This can be difficult for parents since they are not teachers, and are unsure of how to help their children learn through this interesting time. We realize how big of a  struggle this will be, and the people here at Copycat Prints want to help both teachers and parents as much as we can! Not only have we been coming up with our own services, but we also want to make sure we have the ability to bring your ideas to life. 


We can help you create workbooks for use in both the classroom and at home to keep your student on task. By creating a workbook, this will make sure their homework is in one place and easy to transport. This will also make it easier for parents to keep track of what they should be teaching their children.  Either the teacher or parent can put these booklets together, or we can help design and create the desired materials. We also have the capability to bind the booklets together to make them more durable. 

>> Some Free Fun Worksheet Templates Here <<


Laminated paperwork will make it easier for teachers to sanitize as they go throughout their day. This also makes the papers reusable, so it could make for easy practice sheets to use both at home and in the classroom.  


Printing stickers with a child’s name on them will make it easier to label all their supplies. Labeling supplies makes it easier for students to keep track of their belongings, and hopefully decrease cross-contamination. 

>> Use This Sticker Template for Labeling Items << 

We also can help create fun stickers to use as rewards. Like we said, we want to help you make this year as normal as possible! This year will definitely have its ups and downs, but we need to remember to stick together as a community to help each other during these odd times. All of us at Copycat Prints are more than willing to help in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

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