The Importance of Good Design

The Importance of Good Design

Thinking of the perfect design is a unique process. You have the idea in mind, possibly inspired by something you have seen before, or an element you want to include. However, it can be difficult to bring that design to the actual page once you start.   Don’t fear! The great thing about design is that there is no right or wrong! It can feature anything you want to capture any feeling you want! The options and purposes are endless.  

How design can affect the viewer 

 Designs are full of many different elements, all with different effects on viewers. Contrast is an element of design that tends to add some emphasis to your design. It has the ability to stand out to the viewer and really make them look. Balance within a design has the ability to ease the viewer visually. When looking at different texts, shapes, patterns, and images, creating balance is a great tip to remember!  What do you want the viewer of your design to feel or notice? 

Important design elements to consider when designing

There are quite a few tips to remember when it comes to creating a design! One of the most popular would be the Rule of Thirds. In this design “rule” you are imagining three lines vertically and horizontally to help create a focal point. This is a great way to create a prominent and effective design!  Another tip is to utilize white space. White space is the area around your text and visuals, that doesn’t usually draw in any attention. Because of this, the features you really want to pop can stand out more! White space gives a sophisticated look while making sure your message gets across perfectly!  >> Related: Use this link to check out all of our services and how to contact<< 

Different Design Options

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What can Copycat Help you with? 

Here at CopyCat Prints, we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your designs! Our services include helping you design anything from stickers to company posters! Contact us to get started! 

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