We Are Your Small Business Destination

We Are Your Small Business Destination

We are proud to call ourselves your small business destination for any of your printing and promotional needs. As a local small business ourselves, we understand the value of working with other local businesses to create quality products. Keep reading to see how we can serve you as a small business. 

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We Provide All Print Services to Small Business Owners

As a Des Moines-based business, Copycat Prints focuses on providing large format printing, consumer printing goods, and local marketing support. No job is too big or too small for our local print shop located in the heart of Des Moines.

If you’re not sure if we can print something for you - just ask! We pride ourselves on providing any print service we can, so don’t be afraid to a

Use Copycat Prints as Your Business Address - Mailbox Rentals

We also offer mailbox options to serve as your business address if you do not want to send business mail directly to your home. 

Our mailboxes are helpful tools to separate work from home and keep your personal address private from your business customers/clients. 

Sign up now by inquiring at “orders@copycatdm.com” to save $50 on your yearly mailbox rental.


Meet with Clients at Copycat Prints on Ingersoll

Are you a small business that works from home? We offer meeting rooms that are available for rent in different time slots that offer all you would need to get out of the house, meet with a client, interview a potential employee, host team meetings, and more. 

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Prints, and So Much More from Copy cat Prints

Do you have a project you want to bring to life? Contact us via our website, Facebook, or email. We are here to make memories and spread your message.

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